Location: FIFE
Rate from : £ 375.00 per Day
Reference : 19338


The role is to:


? Execute the inspection and Quality Control activities on site, collecting the relevant records

? Ensure that all electrical operation are executed in accordance with the relevant Codes and Standards, and Subsidiaries procedures, Quality Control Plans/ Inspection Test Plans


? In accordance with the Quality Control Plan, execute the specific inspections on material, equipment and construction/installation activities on site, following relevant specified procedures, issuing the relevant Quality Records


? Issue the relevant Quality Records and, when necessary, write and send to QC Supervisor non-conformances reports


? Check cable laying and cable identification


? Check and test in accordance to the Inspection and Test Plan the installation for electrical equipment such as but not limited to: power transformers, switchboard, accumulator battery, sockets outlet, lighting system, etc.


? Perform visual inspections, dimensional test, check rating and material for connection

? Perform tests of continuity, insulation resistance

? Check installation of material

? Perform functional tests

? Perform test of cable connection

? Verify special processes and the relevant workers qualifications

? Witness the tests, controls and inspections carried out

? Check conformity with the Quality Control Plan, obtain the relevant documentation, check procedures and equipment to be used in tests, controls and inspections, manage documents certifying tests, control and inspections


? Ensure the correct implementation of the approved Inspection Test Plans


? Orderly collect and manage/check documents certifying test, controls and inspection documents, ensuring that all electrical and testing related records are properly retrievable within the final As- Built dossier


? In Case of subcontractor activities, ensure the correct implementation of the approved Quality Control Plans/ Inspection Test Plans, witnessing inspection and collecting relevant Quality Control records